Janine Grobler is the founder and CEO of Laugh SA. Janine was instrumental in
bringing Laughter Therapy to South Africa when she arranged for Dr Madan
Kataria, the founder of the worldwide laughter movement to visit South Africa in
Feb 2007.

She was the first Certified Laughter Teacher in South Africa and is often fondly
called ‘the mother of laughter in Africa’. Outside South Africa she has trained and
certified laughter professionals for Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, with
Mozambique to follow in 2010.

In 2007 her work in promoting laughter was honoured by Dr. Madan Kataria when
he appointed her Laughter Ambassador to Africa. After a 30 year career
encompassing auditing, corporate communication and publishing, she has
dedicated herself to promoting laughter in Africa.

Media coverage for Janine’s laughter programs include Morning Live (SABC TV2),
Life’s a Journey (SABC TV3), Kwela, Netcare and Free Spirit TV shows,
Cosmopolitan, Longevity, Psychologies, Sarie, Weighless, In Flight and many other
magazines, newspapers and radio shows.

Janine travels Africa conducting laughter keynotes, seminars and laughter
workshops at conferences, corporate and public events. Her organization
conducts laughter programs for companies in: wellness; teambuilding; peak
performance; stress-busting; and laughter programs specifically designed to meet
client needs.

Other focus areas include Laughter for care givers and patients (specific focus on
HIV Aids and cancer) and laughter for youth development.
Laugh SA offers in-house and public training courses that are widely
acknowledged and applied. These include the two day International Certified
Laughter Leader course; Self Improvement through Laughter course; and a one
day Social and Corporate Laughter training course.

Other ongoing services provided are 90 minute introductory laughter workshops,
social laughter sessions and private consultations.


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