The Fantastically Fabulous and Magical Fairy Godmother
(a.k.a Donna McCallum)

Donna McCallum is a Fantastically Fabulous and Magical Fairy Godmother. She is an inspirational communicator with a passion for people, turning vision into reality, business, making things happen, connection and making a difference.


Donna is a serial entrepreneur and has founded, run and sold a number of businesses in Media, Marketing and IT. From being one of the founders and shareholders of Studentwise Media Services (SL Magazine, Y Magazine, campus radio and events on campuses), she was part of the founding team for an internet start-up in Silicon Valley in the late 90’s, was the founder and Managing Director of iKineo, a marketing activation company and after successfully running this business for 5 years, she sold it and took a year’s sabbatical and whizzed around South America finding magic before founding Fairy Godmother Inc.!


She has extensive experience in speaking, facilitating, business, strategy, marketing and generally creating magic and turning dreams into reality.


When not involved in founding and building a business, you will find Donna walking in the mountains or connecting with friends; Practicing in Yoga and meditation or throwing crazy fancy dress parties; watching a sunset; reading books on best business practice or interesting new age philosophy and of course always planning the next trip to some exotic destination.


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