Natalie Wilke


Natalie is an “ordinary” woman with an extra-ordinary passion for health and fitness! “Ordinary” in the sense that she is not a lifetime athlete or fitness model, but someone who entered into the fitness profession somewhat later in life, and now specialises in working with “mature” individuals, particularly women over 35 years old. She has spent a lot of time developing various Lifestyle Transformation Programs (including Healthy Nutrition Plans), as she believes that many women need help to transform their daily living patterns in order to live their best life NOW!

She also works with children and has a concern for the growing population of inactive and over- weight young people in our country today.

Natalie owns and runs a private gym and personal training studio called LifeWorks in Brackenhurst, Alberton for the past 7 years, helping many health-conscious individuals to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals in a supportive and motivational way!

Furthermore, she teaches around 150 children Life Orientation skills at a local high school when she is not training people in the gym, and she leads a mentorship program for young girls, teaching them life skills and crafts.


Contact Details:
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