Evette Kruger


Founder of Fearless Life Coaching, Evette Kruger, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Speaker

Evette has influenced the coaching industry with her dynamic approach towards inspiring and motivating men and women in creating an increased desire within her clients for change and development. Through self-awareness clients gain greater fulfilment, a more balanced life focused on goal attainment and higher performance levels. Creating a clearer understanding of oneself, clients learn and develop the necessary skills, equipping them with the tools to fearlessly transform their lives.

It’s all about the power and focus of who you are, where you are and where you want to be. It’s about overcoming the fear obstacles in their lives and businesses, enabling them to make decisions that will empower and improve their lives.

As Evette has facilitated and coached numerous individuals within personal and corporate arenas, through one on one coaching sessions or in workshop environments, clients have always been passionately inspired, motivated by endless possibilities, built confidence and grown in the fulfilment of their vision and balance in life.

Evette Kruger “I am continuously amazed by the power we have from within. The power we posses to make the necessary changes we desire, the power to lead an extraordinary life and the power our minds have to convince us otherwise. Fear has formed a great part of our lives and the quicker we can recognize the fear for what it truly is, the quicker we get to deal with our underlying issues, personal or business. How liberating is freedom, freedom from our “fears”.

Fearless Life Coaching has fast become a highly successful coaching company, focusing and assisting in virtually every aspect, from individual personal development & fulfilment, through to spiritual soul searching. Evette assist clients with career direction, business management and leadership coaching.

Facilitated Workshops, Corporate Workshops, Motivational Speaking and personal One on One Coaching are the service areas in which Evette operates. Detailed packages and fees are available on request. Each package is tailor made to fully assist you and your team.

Together with Fearless Life Coaching, Evette inspires, motivates and empowers men and women to lead a Fearless and passionate life. Her desire is for people to be set free of every fear holding them back. Her desire for men and women is to find that “special something” that “something” that sets them apart. Uncovering their Honour and living a well balanced life.

“It’s a Fearless power when a man and woman truly know who they are”.

Her desire for you is to wake up to a life that you just can’t wait to live, a life filled with meaning, living your BEST life, producing extraordinary results, being ecstatic and proud to be you! Living a life of Honour.

Evette Kruger’s fearless passion is to coach and facilitate change for her clients; she is delighted to share the taste of such a good life! She invites you to join her on your “Fearless Journey” as you find your purpose and your passion, exciting you in living Larger than life.

Workshop, Seminars & Training Material
Every Workshop, Seminar and Training may deal with a specific audience and specific topic. Audiences may vary from Male to Female or both genders (as specified).
As “Fearless Women” is my specialty, each topic speaks individually to woman, addressing the beauty of being a woman, their strengths and their weaknesses, their fears and their victories, reminding women of the rolls they play and how the feminine spirit at times forgets to be embraced. Loving her and everything about her, restoring the Honour within her very soul, allowing God to restore the beauty He has created.
Fearless Life Coaching will awaken and challenge you. It will speak to the best of who you are. It will remind you of a woman’s priceless value and the reasons why she was created.
Course Content:
• “How BIG do I dare to DREAM” - Goal setting workshop, Creating a Dream Board, Dreaming Fearless Dreams
• Finding my Purpose – “Purpose, Power & Passion”
• A Fearless Women with Honour – Restoring the Honour within Women
• What makes me “Attractive” - Focusing on more than mere sight, Loving you and everything about you
• Building a Fearless Relationship – How to Restore and build Relationships
• Embracing the feminine spirit – Embracing every part of being a women
• The Strength of Vulnerability – Vulnerability is not a weakness it’s a gift
• The Power of Influence – Women hold the greatest power of influence as we are the care takers
• Refill the Motivational Tank – empower to inspire
• Start the right habit - Nurturing the habits that serve you
• Embracing Change – Receiving change with arms wide open
• I’m made from Emotions – Why men and women react differently to the same situation
• Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem – Loving your “stuff”
• I can’t hear you! ...Communication – What do you hear when you communicate, Opening the channels
• Choose your moments – Every moment has it’s time to shine
• Start on the inside – Repair on the inside for what the heart holds the tongue will speak
• My Bucket list – Doing the things I’ve never had time to do
• Nine Noble Virtues – Women of noble character, Virtues a women should hold close to her heart
• Romancing YOUR MAN – Getting in touch
• Refining Silver – Women are like silver being refined.

General Course Content
These topics and Materials are used during Workshops, Seminars and Training and are available to address both male and female audiences. These topics and materials address the well being of individuals, restoring balance within our lives, living life with purpose, power and passion.
• Dream Boards / Restoring the balance – Goal setting workshop, Creating a Dream Board, Restoring the balance within our lives
• Branding You – Becoming Fully You - What is your branding all about – The power you hold of just being you
• Stress Management – How do we manage stress? Tools and techniques to deal with stress
• Anger Management - How do we manage anger? Tools and techniques to deal with anger
• Becoming “Unstuck” – When life throws a curve ball, how to get going again
• Getting distracted with life – When the “business” of life distracts you from your goals and purpose
• Get out of that Comfort Zone - Taking Responsibility – Dealing with the fear called “Comfort Zone”
• Choose your attitude – You do have the ability to choose and not be dictated to
• How To get through all the “To do’s” / Time Out – The plan of action, saving more time
• Facing FEAR head on – That fear might not be fear at all!




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