Debbie Howes


Come along and discover what your story is relative to why you are not achieving your full potential in life or why the sabotage patterns are present.Debbie is a clinical psychologist in private practice since 1986. Debbie has qualified in clinical hypnotherapy and has developed a story telling and projective drawing technique which addresses the dynamics of the unconscious mind. The logic of the unconscious mind is that of a child. Each person will tell a different story. The way in which you tell the story will indicate the emotional patterns and belief systems that are underlying all problems.Often in life we feel that we do not have the skills to put into practice what we know we should be doing.Intellectual conscious information does not always "sink” in to the unconscious mind. This will result then in behaviours which are contrary to how we would like to behave.

The story used is that of "Little Red Riding Hood".The Little Red Riding Hood Reconditioning Technique is applicable for both adults and children and helps to bring illumination and insights into unresolved aspects of yourself. The technique brings a depth of insights in a relatively short period of time. The therapeutic process involves the reprocessing of the story, bringing insights into how to make the necessary change into life.

Debbie has written two books on the topic and has presented numerous papers and presentations both Nationally and Internationally. She has appeared on Dr. Victors House Call on SABC2 as well as with Noelene on 3 Talk on personality disorders. Debbie is at present teaching workshops on how to apply the technique to psychologists and counsellors. Debbie has been working with the technique for 15 years. Debbie also has a keen interest in complementary healing modalities and is a professional dancer.




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