Adele Green


Adele has ACMC, n. dip. PR, dip IH, dip NLP, NS studies behind her and is an Applied Psycho-somatic Integration Practitioner.
Adele has a private coaching practice and founded the What-is-Beauty brand.  She appeared on national TV and radio.
She is also a beautiful woman who believes women are challenged by relearning to play the game of life without manipulating others or be manipulated.
Adele’s personal journey took her to Peru and Hawaii, searching for what is really beautiful?
Now she teaches women about the psych-o-logic of inner beauty.  Anyone can feel beautiful again.
It is more than skin deep, and a victim of circumstance can live in her heart with integrity and pride.
Her journey taught that no matter what she did – the missing link can only be discovered when she reconnected with the soul.
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