Bev du Toit


Bev du Toit is a sought after consultant and keynote presenter on developing resilience and sustainable positive attitudes. She is engaged by leading brands and blue-chip companies who appreciate her ability to show people how to face challenges head-on.


Her warm and engaging manner combined with an intense belief in facing challenges and solving problems has assisted her in overcoming her own adversity to help people across all cultures take control of their lives.

Prior to Bev's diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 1996, she had been studying and training in wellness and personal growth. She put into practice her training in order to motivate her own healing process and after undergoing surgery and chemotherapy she went into remission in 1997.

Bev's background in civil engineering and entrepreneurial spirit resulted in her own computer school, restaurant and health practices, and she has also consulted as a project and event manager.

As an industrial theatre producer, workshop facilitator and international speaker she has connected with audiences of all age groups. Bev's industrial theatre productions have played to over 35 000 South African children, giving the country's youth valuable tools with which to overcome fears and face their future.

Bev co-developed the Cancer Coping Kit, in conjunction with The Cancer Association of South Africa, which assists newly diagnosed patients and their families in coping with their illness. The Kit is available countrywide and can be obtained free of charge from CANSA. Thanks to a substantial sponsorship from Lotto, the Kit is now available in English, Zulu, Sotho and Afrikaans. Bev received the Mariette Loots award this year for The Cancer Coping Kit. Bev works intensively with the Cancer Association, with her main focus on "making people cancer smart". The Lance Armstrong Foundation has asked Bev to present The Cancer Coping Kit at the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit in Dublin in August 2009.

Bev has made numerous television and radio appearances, and corporate visits, and has been interviewed extensively in the print media. She has had articles published in the Business Day, The Star Workplace, The Sowetan, Windows SA Magazine and Essentials Magazine.

She is based in Johannesburg and travels locally and internationally offering interactive seminar presentations, keynote presentations and workshops. She is a seasoned conference facilitator and a warm and entertaining MC.
Bev shares her life with Leo, who adores her and keeps her sane and her husky Kai, who lavishes her with love and makes her exercise.



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