Angela Deutschmann

Angela Deutschmann is an intuitive and personal growth specialist with a fast-growing practice of both individual and group work. She is respected as a writer, teacher and inspirational speaker whose passion is to inspire people to view their ‘ordinary’ as exceptional and to commit to their Joy.

Before starting this work, Angela achieved substantially in the realms of academics, international debate and public speaking, as well as corporate consultation. Yet in each she remained unfulfilled and increasingly doubtful of the ability of the intellect to lead the way to social and personal transformation.

As such, one of the areas she has become passionate about is restoring respect and celebration to the body. Angela is the founder of a breakthrough workshop called Embody, which leads many people to a far deeper love of their bodies and themselves. Her work and her eBook, called Parenting Lightly, have been featured on CNBC, ETV, Classic FM and Talk Radio 702


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