Joni Peddie

Joni is the Managing Director of the BizComm® Group.

Joni started her career in Marketing working for multinationals namely: Unilever, Kimberley Clark and Bristol Myers Squibb. She then left the hustle and bustle of the corporate world to establish her own
training/ skills development business in 1996.

Joni currently facilitates, coaches & speaks locally & internationally. Her passion for travel has been fulfilled by having had the opportunity to work in many African Countries (Cape to Cairo); the Middle East, Asia as well as Latin & Central America, including off the beaten track countries like Columbia and Mexico!

Joni spends her time with Exco members and Middle Management delivering "tailored" programmes. She is truly passionate about partnering with Leaders to ignite personal transformation. She uses the Enneagram, a robust and ancient 3D system; a dynamic tool / EQ enabler : i.e. a tool to help us understand “what makes us tick” as well as to understand the complex interpersonal relations we deal with at home & at work!


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